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The JSC “Kyrgyzaltyn” is the largest company of the Kyrgyz Republic specializing in development of gold deposits.

The JSC “Kyrgyzaltyn” was created in October 1992 as Kyrgysaltyn State Concern in order to combine technical, financial, intellectual and personnel potentialities of mining enterprises for renewal, maintenance and development of mining sector after collapse of the soviet system and gaining of an independence. In the year 1999 “Kyrgyzaltyn” State Concern was reorganized into “Kyrgyzaltyn” JSC, 100% shares of which is owned by the State. In the composition of Kyrgyzaltyn JSC are the following associations: “Makmal Gold Combinate” affiliate; “Tereksai Mine” affiliate; “Refinery” affiliate; “Solton-Sary Mine” affiliate; “Special Construction Enterprise” affiliate “Kyrgyzskoye Vzmorie” health resort; “Talas Gold Mining Company” JV Following are Kyrgyzaltyn JSC’s own gold mining enterprises: Makmal gold mining Combinate, which operates the Makmal deposit with annual output capacity of nearly 1.2 tons of gold. High credit rating of Kyrgyzaltyn JSC allowed to obtain credit facility on privileged terms as a project financing for underground development of Makmal deposit from such a recognized financial institution as Standard Bank London. For the first time in the history of mining enterprises of the Kyrgyz Republic this significant long term credit was obtained without requirement of any guarantees from the Government. Tereksai Mine with output capacity of nearly 0.3 tons of gold. In the nearest future this enterprise will be modernized with construction of a recovery plant designed for processing of ore from nearby gold deposits – Terekkan, Chaartash, and Chapchama with total resource potential of more than 70 tons of gold. Solton-Sary gold deposit with resource potential of approximately 25 tons of gold, which is operated by exploration-operation enterprise of the same name.

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Country: Kyrgyzstan
Address: Abdumomunova str., 195, Bishkek, 720040, Kyrgyz Republic
Phone: +996 (312) 66-66-70, 90-06-31, 90-06-32
Fax: +996 (312) 66-67-00
E-mail: myrzaibraimov@kyrgyzaltyn.kg
URL address:
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